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Physiotherapy Review
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vol. 25
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The effectiveness of headache treatment using manual therapy techniques according to the Brian Mulligan concept

Piotr Szomiński
Dominika Bacz

  1. Cracow Higher School of the Health Promotion, Cracow, Poland
PTrev 2021; vol 25 (2) 26-31
Data publikacji online: 2021/06/23
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Metryki PlumX:

The primary aim of this study was to assess the effect of manual therapy techniques according to the Mulligan concept on treating headache. The secondary aim was a theoretical pre sentation of headache types, diagnostic methods and alterna tive forms of treatment. We also present the principles of the concept and the underlying techniques used in this study.

Material and methods
The study participants were 27 indivi duals of different ages, both male and female, who experien ced headache. The subjects were diagnosed using the author’s examination card to evaluate therapeutic effects and the World Health Organization Quality of Life Instrument, Short Form (WHOQOL-BREF) questionnaire to assess patients’ quality of life before and after therapy.

Of the 27 patients included in the study, 10 experienced immediate improvement, with complete relief of their heada ches. Seven patients showed improvement, but their headaches did not disappear completely. The patients’ quality of life incre ased after the treatment, and the analgesic effect of the manual therapy was maintained for up to four weeks.

Manual techniques from the Mulligan concept are effective in the treatment of cervicogenic headaches. The in tensity of pain in patients decreased after therapy and remained at a lower level for at least four weeks. The exercises performed by the patients as part of self-therapy reduced their headaches, and the patients’ quality of life was higher after therapy.

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