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Physiotherapy Review
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vol. 26
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Selected forms of sport-related physical activity types in individuals with spinal cord injury

Jarosław Pasek
1, 2
Tomasz Pasek
Grzegorz Cieślar

  1. Department of Internal Medicine, Angiology and Physical Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences in Zabrze, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland
  2. Faculty of Health Sciences University of Jan Długosz in Częstochowa, Częstochowa, Polska
  3. Department of Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Unit of the St. Barbara Provincial Specialist Hospital No.5 in Sosnowiec, Poland
Review, Physiotherapy Review, 2022, 26(1), 13-19
Data publikacji online: 2022/03/27
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With the rise of industrialization and the development of the automotive industry, accidents and spinal cord injuries (SCI) occur in several situations. The complexity of the injury’s repercussions forces individuals to make changes at almost all current functioning levels. Diagnosis and treatment of patients admitted immediately after the SCI is the hospitals’ responsibility. These institutions have suitable equipment and qualified medical personnel for that purpose. Depending on the diagnosis, an appropriate treatment model is adopted, followed by rehabilitation. After a stable clinical condition is achieved, treatment should be continued in an outpatient clinic or inpatient treatment in a sanatorium. Physical exercises and specific sports disciplines for people after SCI have a positive impact not only on improving their physical fitness but also on their well-being, increasing their participation in social life. More often, treatment is supplemented with various forms of physical activity, including sports, which positively influences the health and quality of life of the treated individual. This study presents selected sport-related physical activities and highlights their importance in the rehabilitation process of people after SCI based on the available literature.

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