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Physiotherapy Review
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vol. 27
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High-induction electromagnetic field – biophysical basis and review of scientific reports

Mateusz Leroch
Jakub Łaszcz
Weronika Bajer
Wojciech T. Laber
Kuba Ptaszkowski

  1. Division of Physiotherapy, Wroclaw Medical University, Poland
  2. Division of 2Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Wroclaw Medical University, Poland
Physiotherapy Review, 2023, 27(4), 30-37
Data publikacji online: 2023/12/21
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Metryki PlumX:

In the 21st century, the first devices generating a high-induction electromagnetic field of up to 3T were used, which, in comparison to the previous century, meant a more than 70- fold increase in the device's power. The novelty of the therapeutic method discussed in the article means that more needs to be scientifically proven about the effectiveness of therapy.

This paper aims to present the principle of operation of the device and the possibility of its use in physiotherapy. The article considers the fundamentals of high-induction electromagnetic field applications, device construction, and its functions.

Attention is paid to contraindications and recommendations set by the manufacturer, and the issue of therapeutic effects determined by the creators of the device was raised. The authors also reviewed current scientific reports and research results on a high-induction electromagnetic field and its use in various disease entities, using available research reports of international and national scope for this purpose.

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