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Physiotherapy Review
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vol. 27
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Assessment of the occurrence of musculoskeletal dysfunctions and pain among violinists

Bogusława Czarnowicz
Sebastian Wójtowicz

  1. Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland
Research, Physiotherapy Review, 2023, 27(2), 76-81
Data publikacji online: 2023/06/28
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Metryki PlumX:

Playing the violin is a task in which bow strokes load the right hand with a dynamic pattern combined with a static grip on the left hand. Movement automatization and motor memory are essential factors affecting the quality of playing. In the available lit- erature, few papers still assess the prevalence of motor dysfunction and pain complaints among violinists.

Assessment of the occurrence of musculoskeletal dysfunc- tion and pain among violinists and evaluation of movement system overload in experienced violinists.

Material and methods
The material for the study consisted of ques- tionnaires completed by 122 violinists who started playing before the age of 11, completed a minimum of one grade of music school, averaged a minimum of 10 hours per week devoted to playing the violin regardless of changing circumstances, averaged no more than 7 hours per week devoted to playing another instrument, and reliably completed the questionnaire. The method of the study was to analyze data from a survey created using Google Form.

The results indicate that violinists are an occupation- al group at significant risk for musculoskeletal disorders, with a prevalence of 82%. The most common problems occur sequential- ly with the back and spine, temporomandibular joints, headaches, and upper and lower extremities.

Violinists are at significant risk of musculoskeletal dysfunctions and complaints of pain in various body parts. Many years of playing promote the summation of micro-injuries, which can significantly affect the professional activity of musicians.

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